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Lanao in geography may refer to:

  • Lanao (province), the Philippines, a former province in existence from 1914 to 1959, now divided into:
    • Lanao del Norte
    • Lanao del Sur
  • Lake Lanao, second largest lake in the Philippines


  • Legislative district of Lanao, the representation of the former province before it was divided in 1959
  • Confederation of sultanates in Lanao, founded in the 16th century
Lanao (province)

Lanao Province was one of the former provinces of the Philippines from 1914 to 1959. Today the province comprises Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur.

Usage examples of "lanao".

Bullard and Pershing, at opposite ends of Lake Lanao, had each such backing among the Moro chiefs as, for its sheer energy, almost caused a war.

Commission reached Lanao, in the mid-summer of 1921, it found the datus and their people gathered in strength eagerly waiting.

Filipinized Lanao is near enough to murder to make the word turn pale.

And what has been practised in Lanao is fully matched, point for point, in other parts of the unhappy Moro territory.

Ami Binaning came down from Lanao with a message from his father to a certain American living on the coast.

Cotabato, from Lanao, from Palawan, from Jolo, the Moros poured out their written protests.