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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lanai \Lanai\ n.

  1. (upper case) an island in the Hawaiian chain.

  2. (lower case) a veranda or roofed patio often furnished and used as a living room. [Hawaii]


n. (context chiefly in Hawaii English) A Hawaiian-style roofed patio.


Lānai (; Hawaiian: or ) is the sixth-largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island in the chain. It is also known as Pineapple Island because of its past as an island-wide pineapple plantation. The island's only settlement of note is the small town of Lānai City. , the island was 98% owned by Larry Ellison (Founder and Chairman of Oracle), with the remaining 2% owned by the state of Hawaii.

Lānai is a roughly comma-shaped island with a width of in the longest direction. The land area is , making it the 42nd largest island in the United States. It is separated from the island of Molokai by the Kalohi Channel to the north, and from Maui by the Auau Channel to the east. The United States Census Bureau defines Lānai as Census Tract 316 of Maui County. Its total population shrank from 3,193 as of the 2000 census to 3,102 . Many of the island's landmarks are accessible only by dirt roads that require a four-wheel drive vehicle.

There is one school, Lanai High and Elementary School, serving the entire island from kindergarten through 12th grade. There are no traffic lights on the island.

Lanai (disambiguation)

Lana%60i is a Hawaiian island.

Lanai may also refer to:

  • Lanai (architecture), a type of patio
  • Lanai City, Hawaii
Lanai (architecture)

A lanai or lānai is a type of roofed, open-sided veranda, patio or porch originating in Hawaii. Many homes, apartment buildings, hotels and restaurants in Hawaii are built with one or more lānais.

Usage examples of "lanai".

Zoyd described his inner feelings to Frenesi, having located her finally at the gigantic Dark Ocean Hotel, a towering dihedral wailful of 2,048 rooms with identical lanais cantilevered into blue space, all facing the Pacific.

Dukedom flanked to the north by the Bissanty border, to the west by mountains that were populated by the rough, warlike Lanai tribesmen, and to the south by the westmost border of the Changing Lands.

When word reached the other islands that Malama, daughter of the King of Kona, was dying, the alii assembled, as they had at deathbeds for untold generations, and in after years whenever an American who had been in Lahaina at the time was asked for his most vivid impression of the island, he never referred to the cannonading but to this last mournful gathering of the alii: "They came from distant Kauai in ships and from Lanai in canoes.

Proficient, businesslike, Rudi Gunn had wasted no precious time in seeking permission to dismantle the huge dish antenna in the middle of the Palawai volcano on Lanai.

Due to the manner in which Ellen Cherry automatically looked at landscapes, squinting and widening, focusing and fuzzing, employing her eye game to drag God's patio furniture from one retinal lanai to another, she probably would have missed it.

She heard the slamming of the glass door behind him as he left the lanai.

At such times he stayed away from the brothels in Kapaa and away from the broad lanai from which he could see the ocean.

At different points in the crowd Alekos, Velisarios, Pelagic, Dr lanais, Kokolios, and Stamatis all strained their heads sideways to hear the distant intonations of the priest.

It had been built fast, it was a work of power and wealth, and the lanais encircling the upper stories were sophisticated adaptations to the tropics.

He spoke of the permanence of Maui, of how the whales came back each year to play in the roads, and of how the sunset moved majestically through the months from the volcano of Lanai to the tip of Molokai.

As the island boat entered Lahaina Roads, boxed in as it was between the glorious islands, Micah caught his breath and looked alternately at the wild hills of Maui, the soft valleys of Lanai, the barren rise of Kahoolawe and the purple grandeur of Molokai.

Faraday explains that the NSA has a parabolic reflector inside the extinct Palawai volcano on the island of Lanai that is eighty meters in diameter.

Faraday explains thatthe NSA has a parabolic reflector inside the extinct Palawai volcano onthe island of Lanai that is eighty meters in diameter.