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n. (plural of lamp English)Category:English plurals

Usage examples of "lamps".

Asher scratched a match that he took from his pocket, to light the wick of one of the few bronze lamps that still occupied the serried ranks of niches in the wall.

He thought he saw the dim golden outline of the open door to the corridor outside, the subaqueous flicker of the pierced brass lamps, but he could not see the vampires around him at all.

She had the absurd impression that by night, lanterns or no lanterns, streetlamps or no street lamps, it would not be visible at all.

Germain, Karolyi picked up one of those bright-dressed, frowsy-haired women whom Asher had seen emerge, a little like vampires themselves, from the darkness as soon as the lamps were lit.

The small iron lamps that burned high on the walls here were the only lights, feeble through thickening fog.

The age of the place, as much as the absence of lamps from the niches and mirrors from the walls, had told him what house he had been brought to.

Eyes that had once been coffee-dark but had been bleached, by a trick of the vampire state, to a garish and unnatural orange blinked into his by the glow of oil lamps close overhead.

He gestured with his right hand, for his left never loosened its hold on his silver-bladed weapon, which glittered whitely in the many-hued glow of the bronze lamps overhead.

Bare boughs or somber leaves were illuminated from below by a rainbow lace of colored lamps, which outlined paths and terraces like dim-burning jewels dropped on velvet.

The few lamps flung huge shadows, glistened stickily on black lakes of gore.

Each moment I expected to see the glare of lamps through the blackness, but all was dark.

The only light was the flickering rays of our own lamps, in which the steam from our hard-driven horses rose in a white cloud.

I could see from the flash of our lamps as the rays fell on them, that the horses were coal-black and splendid animals.

As I looked back I saw the steam from the horses of the coach by the light of the lamps, and projected against it the figures of my late companions crossing themselves.

I guess if you wait till you find a man that is you will go join them seven young women with the lamps when you quit.