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Lampe may refer to any of the following:

Usage examples of "lampe".

So long these knights discoursed diuersly,Of straunge affaires, and noble hardiment,Which they had past with mickle ieopardy,That now the humid night was farforth spent,And heauenly lampes were halfendeale ybrent:Which th'old man seeing well, who too long thoughtEuery discourse and euery argument,Which by the houres he measured, besoughtThem go to rest.

The morrow next, before the lampe of light,Aboue the earth vpreard his flaming head,The Dwarfe, which bore that message to her knight,Brought aunswere backe, that ere he tasted bread,He would her succour, and aliue or deadHer foe deliuer vp into her hand:Therefore he wild her doe away all dread.

And with them eke, O Goddesse heauenly bright,Mirrour of grace and Maiestie diuine,Great Lady of the greatest Isle, whose lightLike Phoebus lampe throughout the world doth shine,Shed thy faire beames into my feeble eyne,And raise my thoughts too humble and too vile,To thinke of that true glorious type of thine,The argument of mine afflicted stile:The which to heare, vouchsafe, O dearest dred a-while.

Or is ought so brightAnd beautifull, as glories beames appeare,Whose goodly light then Phebus lampe doth shine more cleare?

He was just too tempted by all the tidbits Skiba was tossing his way and by the investment banking business Lampe gave Dixon.