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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lames \Lames\ (l[.a]mz), n. pl. [F. lame a thin plate, L. lamina.] (Armor) Small steel plates combined together so as to slide one upon the other and form a piece of armor.


Etymology 1 vb. (en-third-person singular of: lame) Etymology 2

n. Small steel plates combined so as to slide one upon other and form a piece of armour.

Usage examples of "lames".

Damascening glinted on the lames, studded metal roses were connected by riveted laminations to shoulder, elbow, and knee and adorned the breastplate.

In the moment when he, lames Taggart, had found himself facing the ultimatum: to accept reality or die, it was death his emotions had chosen, death, rather than surrender to that realm of which Galt was so radiant a son.

Through the lens of an alternative history, lames Morrow now focuses on that question with powerful results -- and along the way, he shares with us something about the secret hostilities of the saints.

His new one is a compelling story that, like lames Morrow's "Auspicious Eggs," examines the decisions we make for those too young to choose for themselves.