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Crossword clues for lamby

  1. Resembling or characteristic of a lamb or the meat of a lam

  2. n. (alternative form of lambie English)

Usage examples of "lamby".

Every stark detail of what could happen to a runaway was there in three dimensional color: blanket storms, lamby on the prowl, poison springs, and half a dozen other terrors native to this wolf world.

Were the companies facing -some other challenge besides an occasional lamby or cat-bear?

Those cracked guards along the road take shots at everything moving, and a lamby can travel pretty far with a crease to stir him up.

This is no time for any of us to get mixed up with a lamby that wants to chew up a human.

Then, if the traveler has had any companions, the lamby will get his in return.

And some day the last lamby will be skinned, the last zazaar tracked and denuded of its pelt.

Since none of them in the least resembled a lamby bull, there was reason to think they had been selected for elimination.

Slowly, with caution but no fear, the lamby bull came out into the open path, head up, nostril flaps open to the full.

He fought against that as the lamby minced almost delicately past his tree.

The lamby, most of its head charred away, lay on the human body it had been trampling.

Whether the lamby was part of the original scheme, an extemporaneous last minute double check which failed, or just a coincidence which worked to save the skins of the righteous, we'll never know.

Well, I hope that you won't be too upset with me, Lamby, but, well, I .