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n. (plural of lamb English)

Usage examples of "lambs".

As it was, most people had been up all night, walking the flocks of yearlings, trying to keep the new lambs safe…in the dark, in the snow….

She was mysterious, alone—and the stories floated up and gathered around her, all those stories about her finding lost lambs even though she was dead, all those stories about her, still, watching over people….

He's heard lambs cough, seen them eat and eat, gaining nothing, livers swimming with ray-like flukes.

Digging a pencil stub from the pocket of a worn Pendleton, he makes a note on a post which lambs he's yet to dose.

Past bawling lambs, he walks, on up into the spruce—the best place for him to think, the only place.

The way they huddle together reminds him of his flock of lambs released from the indignities of the worming ritual.

He closes in the pigs, then the lambs, tempting them inside with cob as she watches from outside the fence.

He watches as lambs nose their way in, toppling her in the straw in their eagerness to get at the feed.

His first novel, Black Sunday, was published in 1975, followed by Red Dragon in 1981, The Silence of the Lambs in 1988 and Hannibal in 1999.

Sheep and lambs grazed on lea land, and beyond their pasturage lay broken woodland where the forest had been cut back for firewood and timber.

The lambs seemed unnaturally quiet where they lay beside their mothers, not romping, making no reaction at all as strangers walked up beside them.

It was a cataclysm for this family, who would lose their flock and all the wool, lambs, meat, and cheese it brought them.

Farmer, children, and lambs gamboled into the clearing, the ewes trotting among them under the supervision of the steadfast dog.

The children and the dog rushed around, dog barking, children screaming with delight, as they chased the lambs back from the woodland edge.

Adelheid kissed her daughter's forehead and watched as she skipped out of the room, now holding onto her nursemaid's hand and babbling happily about lambs and foals and how she absolutely must take all five of her whippet puppies.