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Lambe is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Charles Lambe (1900–1960), Royal Navy admiral
  • Charles Laverock Lambe (1875–1953), Royal Air Force air marshal
  • John Lambe (circa 1545–1628), English astrologer
  • John Lambe (M5 Rapist) (born 1944), English criminal
  • Lisa Lambe (born 1984), Irish singer and performer
  • Lawrence Lambe (1863–1919), Canadian palaeontologist
  • Reggie Lambe (born 1991), Bermudian professional footballer

Lambe is also the name of a letter in the Tengwar script.

Usage examples of "lambe".

Prentice, limping out in the early morning to see to the lambing ewes in his hirsel, had occasion to take a short cut through the hazel shaws.

Some ewes lambed in the trailer on the way in, and after every haul, there was a surge of lambs born.

But what a jolly thing to think of, that blow high, blow low, with ten thousand lambing sheep, we have not an earthly thing to do, or a single man to pay till the time comes for taking off their tails.

The lambing, with all anxieties about weather and conjectures as to percentage, is past and over.

Delia had the night shift, where she was paired with Roy Joyce, a fellow who raised sugar beets over in the valley and came out for the lambing season every year.

In the black, freezing cold middle of the night, eight and ten ewes would be lambing at a time.

The ranch had brought in some old converted school buses to house the lambing crew, and she would fall into a bunk at daybreak and then not be able to sleep, shivering in the unheated bus with the gray daylight pouring in the windows and the endless daytime clamor out at the lambing sheds.

Those were the killer days in early spring, when the lambing had begun and winter came howling down one more time .

She blesseth hir, and with ful pitous voys Unto the croys of Crist thus seyde she, "O cleere, o welful auter, hooly croys, Reed of the lambes blood, ful of pitee, That wesshe the world fro the olde iniquitee, Me fro the feend and fro his clawes kepe, That day that I shal drenchen in the depe.