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n. (plural of lama English)


Lamas may refer to:

Lamas (Braga)

Lamas is a Portuguese Freguesia (parish), located in the municipality of Braga. The population in 2011 was 842, in an area of 1.25 km².

Lamas (surname)

Lamas is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Carlos Saavedra Lamas (1878–1959), Argentine academic and politician
  • Fernando Lamas (1915–1982), Argentine actor and director
  • Joe Lamas (1916–1996), American football player
  • José Ángel Lamas (1775–1814), Venezuelan composer
  • Lorenzo Lamas (born 1958), American actor
  • Julio Lamas (born 1964), Argentine basketball coach
  • Ricardo Lamas (born 1982), American mixed martial artist
  • Shayne Lamas (born 1985), American actress

Usage examples of "lamas".

He also told him about the attempt made by the Tibetan lamas to kidnap him and how he, Trinket, helped by the Eighteen Lohans from the Shaolin Monastery, had frustrated them.

Doublet then leapt down and, placing her left foot on the cartwheel, lashed out with her right, kicking the two advancing lamas deftly on the head and closing their Vital Points.

He had assumed the three to be typical miscreant lamas on the rampage.

Lamaist Buddhism enjoyed the patronage of the Manchu Court, and in Peking lamas seemed to think they possessed some kind of diplomatic immunity, and could get away with all manner of misbehaviour as a result.

The other of the two conscious lamas suddenly started squawking loudly in Tibetan.

Pure Coolness monks had come into the hall, but were prevented by die lamas from approaching their Abbot.

Three more lamas went into the attack, this time drawing their swords to protect their heads.

He swung his golden cudgel, andbong-bong-bong one by one die lamas bit the dust.

Of the thirty or forty men standing behind them, some were army officers, some were lamas, while a dozen or so of them were dressed in civilian clothes but looked as if they might have had some sort of military training and knew how to fight.

Cordial proceeded to explain, in grave and respectful terms, that they were being besieged by a couple of thousand lamas, whose object, he believed, and the Father Abbot had seemed at first to agree with him, was the kidnapping of Brother Wayward.

Abbot, during this past half-hour the lamas have been moving up on us.

The convincing ring of despair in these shouted orders seemed to have fooled the lamas, for they did not bother to pursue the retreating monks as far as the monastery gate, confident, no doubt, that if they waited a bit, the whole community would soon be in their hands.

As soon as the lamas came, the Venerable Yulin planned to make a brief address explaining the purpose of what they were doing, then the flames would leap up and a load of evil karma would vanish in smoke.

They had not dared to risk making a noise as they approached the temple for fear of alerting the real lamas below.

Once they had left the lamas well behind, Trinket asked Brother Simple to open the points of their three captors and apologized to them for the rough and unmannerly treatment to which they had been subjected.