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Lalor is an Irish surname derived from the GaelicO Leathlobhair, meaning Half Leper. This is also the origin or the other variations in spelling of the name, O'Lawlor, Lawlor and Lawler. It is most commonly found around the midlands of Ireland especially County Laois, being one of the Seven Septs (Clans) of Leix (O'Lalors, O'Moores, O'Dowlings, O'Dorans, O'Devoys, O'Kellys, and McEvoys). It is not, as some people have claimed, of Norse origin. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Denis Lalor, athlete
  • Francis Ramsey Lalor (1856–1929), politician
  • John Lalor (1814–1856), journalist and author
  • John Joseph Lalor (1840/1841–1899), political scientist
  • James Fintan Lalor, Irish rebel
  • Kieran Lalor, politician
  • Mike Lalor (born 1963), ice hockey player
  • Patrick Lalor (1926–2016), Irish politician
  • Peter Lalor, the leader of the Eureka Stockade rebellion
  • Richard Lalor (1823–1893), politician
  • Richard Lalor Sheil (1791–1851), politician, writer and orator
  • Teresa Lalor (?-1846), nun
  • Patrick "Patt" Lalor (1781-1856), Irish national politician