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The typical Norman surname Lalonde or LaLonde (archaic spelling) may refer to:

  • Amy Lalonde, Canadian television personality
  • Bob LaLonde, American politician
  • Brice Lalonde (born 1946), French politician
  • Donny Lalonde (born 1960), Canadian boxer
  • Francine Lalonde (born 1940), Canadian politician, MP for La Pointe-de-l'Île
  • Gisèle Lalonde (born 1933), Canadian politician, mayor of Vanier from 1985 to 1991
  • Jean-Marc Lalonde (born 1935), Canadian politician, member of Legislative Assembly of Ontario
  • Larry LaLonde (born 1968), guitarist for rock group Primus
  • Marc Lalonde (born 1929), Canadian politician, author of the Lalonde report
  • Newsy Lalonde (1887-1970), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Pierre Lalonde (born 1941), Canadian singer and television host
  • Raymond "Lala" Lalonde (born 1940), Louisiana politician and educator
  • Ron Lalonde (born 1952), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Rose and Roxy Lalonde, fictional characters in the webcomic Homestuck