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n. support column consisting of a steel cylinder filled with concrete [syn: lally column]


Lalli or Lally is also a Punjabi surname for the people belonging to various Punjab villages like Lallian Kalan Village near Lambran, Tahli and Nangal shama in Jalandhar. It is associated with the Jatt Sikhs. Its variants include Lally,Lalli and Lali. Lalli or Lally were one of the first Jatt casts in Punjab. They are known to have royal ancestry. Lalli, Lally or lali are found in Punjab India and Punjab Pakistan.

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Usage examples of "lally".

So there you are now there they were, when all was over again, the four with them, setting around upin their judges' chambers, in the muniment room, of their marshalsea, under the suspices of Lally, around their old traditional tables of the law like Somany Solans to talk it over rallthesameagain.

The clan matron had quickly taken charge of the situation, telling Raina she could stay in the kitchen with her, and informing Lally Horn that she was off to feed the wee visitor, and when she returned shed expect to see a cow and a calf on the greatcourt, or so help her gods shed break Lallys nose and lock Laida Moon in a wet cell so the healer couldnt set it for a week.