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n. (plural of lakh English)

Usage examples of "lakhs".

The scribes had calculated that all these treasures were worth upward of three lakhs of pure gold.

The architects estimated that these works would cost over two lakhs of gold.

The architects estimated that the completion of the temple would require at the very least five thousand labourers, five years and another two lakhs of gold.

The Egyptian pharaohs had sent the Hurrian ambassador back to his master, King Sargon of Babylon, that mighty kingdom between the Tigris and Euphrates, demanding that Sargon's annual tribute be increased to twenty lakhs of gold.

There was over three lakhs of the precious metal in the ancient cisterns under the city of Gallala.

Give it to me within three full moons and you shall have two lakhs of gold from the treasure of Sargon,' he promised.

Trok's grin slid from his face at the prospect, and he said seriously, 'Then you shall have your three lakhs, and a convoy of wagons to carry them away.

They record the total weight of silver at fifty-five lakhs, the gold at thirty-three.

Sir Guy suggested delicately that five lakhs of gold rupees might be appropriate, which should be followed by an annual payment of another lakh.

For the work he has done in Arabia during these last three years my father has received fifteen lakhs in gold specie.

He hated the British, and in Afzul's place would have closed the passes, even if it had meant losing the lakhs that were paid from India to keep them open.