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Lajos is a Hungarian masculine given name, it is a cognate of the English Louis and may refer to:

Hungarian monarchs:

  • Lajos I, 1326-1382 (ruled 1342-1382)
  • Lajos II, 1506-1526 (ruled 1516-1526)

In Hungarian politics:

  • Lajos Aulich, second Minister of War of Hungary
  • Lajos Batthyány, first Prime Minister of Hungary
  • Lajos Dinnyés, Prime Minister of Hungary from 1947 to 1948
  • Lajos Kossuth, Hungarian lawyer, politician and Regent of Hungary

In football:

  • Lajos Baróti, coach of the Hungary national football team
  • Lajos Czeizler, Hungarian football coach
  • Lajos Détári, retired Hungarian football player
  • Lajos Sătmăreanu, former Romanian football player
  • Lajos Tichy, Hungarian footballer

In art:

  • Lajos Csordák, Hungarian/Slovak painter
  • Lajos Markos, Hungarian American painter
  • Lajos Koltai, Hungarian cinematographer and film director

In Hungarian literature:

  • Lajos Bíró, Hungarian novelist, playwright, and screenwriter
  • Lajos Egri, author of The Art of Dramatic Writing
  • Lajos Hevesi, Jewish Hungarian journalist and author

In chess:

  • Lajos Portisch, Hungarian chess player
  • Lajos Steiner, Hungarian chess player

In other fields:

  • Lajos Bárdos, Hungarian composer and professor of music at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music
  • Lajos Pósa, Hungarian mathematician
  • Lajos Werkner, Hungarian 2x Olympic champion saber fencer
  • Zoltán Lajos Bay, Hungarian physicist