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Laing (surname)

Laing ( or ) is a Scottish surname, commonly found in countries settled by Scots, such as Canada and New Zealand. It is a descriptive surname, cognate with the English surname Long, meaning "tall". Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alex Laing, New Zealand footballer
  • Alexander Gordon Laing, Scottish explorer
  • Andrew Laing, New Zealand actor
  • Arthur Laing, Canadian politician
  • Bert Laing, New Zealand rugby league footballer
  • Bobby Laing, Scottish footballer
  • Bonnie Laing, Canadian politician
  • Brent Laing, Canadian curler
  • C. J. Laing, American pornographic actress
  • Corky Laing (Laurence Gordon Laing), Canadian musician
  • Dan Laing, American sports commentator
  • David Laing (Scottish antiquary)
  • David Laing (19th century architect)
  • Davie Laing, Scottish footballer
  • Dilys Laing, Welsh-American poet
  • Duncan Laing, New Zealand swimming coach
  • Eleanor Laing, British politician
  • Gerald Laing, Scottish artist
  • Gordon Laing, a British classical bassoonist
  • Gordon Jennings Laing, Canadian-American academic
  • Hector Laing, Baron Laing of Dunphail
  • Hugh Laing, British ballet dancer
  • Ivan Laing, Scottish hockey player
  • James Laing (cricketer), cricket umpire
  • John Laing (businessman), English businessman
  • John Laing (bishop), Scottish bishop
  • John Laing (footballer)
  • Kerri Laing, South African women's cricketer
  • Kirby Laing, English businessman
  • Kirkland Laing, Jamaican-English boxer
  • Laing Family
  • Leslie Laing, Jamaican athlete
  • Malcolm Laing, Scottish historian
  • Marie Laing, Canadian politician
  • Martin Laing, English businessman
  • Martin Laing (production designer), film production designer
  • Maureen Laing, American founder of the Young Artist Awards
  • Maurice Laing, English businessman
  • Michael Laing, South African chemist
  • Quintin Laing, professional ice hockey player
  • Robbie Laing, American basketball coach
  • Robert W. Laing, American film art director
  • Ronald David Laing, noted psychiatrist
  • Roy Laing, Australian rules footballer
  • Samuel Laing (science writer) (1812-1897)
  • Samuel Laing (travel writer) (1780-1868)
  • Sandra Laing, South African cause célèbre
  • Shona Laing, New Zealand musician
  • Stuart Laing, English actor
  • Stuart Laing (diplomat), British diplomat
  • Tony Laing (boxer), Jamaican/British boxer of the 1970s and '80s
  • William Laing, American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
Laing (band)

Laing is a German band currently consisting of Nicola Rost, Larissa Pesch, Johanna Marshall, and Marisa Akeny.