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The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. (context Sussex English) an area of arable land at the foot of a hill


Laine is Finnish and Estonian for "wave", and a surname in various languages. Laine as a surname originates in Finland, where it is the seventh most common surname. In Estonian, it is also a female given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Célestin Lainé (1908–1983), a Breton nationalist and collaborator during the Second World War
  • Cleo Laine (born 1927), an English jazz and pop singer
  • Denny Laine (born 1944), an English musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist
  • Edvin Laine (1905–1989), a Finnish film director
  • Emma Laine (born 1986), a Finnish tennis player
  • Frankie Laine (1913–2007), an American singer, songwriter, and actor
  • Helena Laine
  • Janet-Laine Green
  • Jarkko Laine
  • Jo Jo Laine
  • Joseph Lainé (1768–1835), a French lawyer and politician
  • Lari Laine (born Corrine Cole, 1937), an American model and actress
  • Liliana Laine (born 1923), a French film actress
  • Murray De-Laine
  • Papa Jack Laine
  • Patrik Laine, Finnish ice hockey player
  • Paul Laine
  • Skylar Laine (born 1994), an American singer
  • Teemu Laine (born 1982), a professional Finnish ice hockey player

Usage examples of "laine".

Still, Laine reminded herself, they never came into Remember When without dropping a bundle.

His laugh bounced toward hysterical and had Laine grateful for the customers crowded into the store.

He clamped a hand over hers in a way that had Laine fighting an instinct to jerk free.

Turning now, Laine painted a puzzled expression on her face, as a clever artist might on a portrait.

Probably William, Laine thought as she drove up the pitted gravel lane.

Gap meant Laine knew just what to expect when she opened Remember When in the morning.

As a result, Laine was viewing her own bathroom scale with one eye closed.

And exactly the sort of friend Laine had pined for throughout childhood.

It was cowardly, but Laine decided to take the yellow feather and escape into the back with the excuse of paperwork while Jenny handled the shop.

He grinned now, and Laine cheerfully allowed the top of her head to blow off.

With methods not strictly ethical, he spent more time peeling away the layers of Laine Tavish and began to get a picture.

Her mother tucked up with husband number two in New Mexico, Laine tucked up in Maryland.

Small towns being small towns, that little tidbit would get back to Laine before too long.

Absently, Laine reached down to pet the dog, who was all but glued to her side.

When she hung up, Laine stuck the little portable phone in the back pocket of her baggy jeans.