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Laide is a small village in the northwest of the Highlands of Scotland. It is situated on the southern shore of Gruinard Bay, about 30 km west of Ullapool.

The once closed village hotel(now closed again) called 'Ocean View', which was run on a self-catering basis for large parties for approximately 10 years has now reopened 1; a church; a shop, a post office, a campsite and a petrol station (one of the few in the area); and various Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

Whilst the local hotel was closed there was not much in the way of nightlife or entertainment to be had in Laide and often the younger population would venture out to Aultbea Hotel pub located three miles West.

Sand Passage, just outside Laide, is the location of the once well established 'Ocean View Hotel', a firm favourite with the locals and tourists alike. Customers used to spend hours playing on the only pool table in the area or playing the classic game of 'Space Invaders'. The hotel is once again becoming established as a family friendly place to be, offering pool, darts, pinball and table tennis, also in the summer a bouncy castle for the kids and during the winter months film nights.

In the summer the village comes to life as tourists flock to the area.

Situated just outside Laide on the A832 heading West is 'Laide Community Wood'. Owned and managed by the local community, Laide wood is recreational facility open all year round.

The village offers views of Gruinard Island and the Summer Isles. The area has many beaches such as at Mellon Udrigle and Gruinard which are within 5 minutes' driving distance of the village. Gairloch, with its many facilities is within 20 minutes driving distance.

The A832 road runs through Laide.

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Usage examples of "laide".

And he them laide well and fair adown, And bade the servant coales for to bring, That he anon might go to his working.

It must needes follow, that all the rest of the aforesaide court on euery side was beautifull to behold, and of stately workemanship by that which still remained standing: as in the inward parte the naues and columnes carrieng and bearing vp an immesurable and monstrous weight, and Corinthies of a lesser sort, a diuine and vnknowen work abounding in variety of perfections as proportion required and needfullnes did desire to beare vp the burthen that was laide vppon them.

Et quand je serai vieille ou laide, Phoebus, quand je ne serai plus bonne pour vous aimer, monseigneur, vous me souffrirez encore pour vous servir.

And he them laide well and fair adown, And bade the servant coales for to bring, That he anon might go to his working.

It was not even a classic ugliness, the belle laide that attains a distinction superseding mere beauty.