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Laida is a gram panchayat in the district of Sambalpur in the state of Orissa in India. It is an ancient village, and one of the largest in Orissa.

The administrative, revenue and electoral structure of Laida is mentioned below:

Electoral details:

MLA constituency: Rengali MP constituency: Sambalpur

Revenue details:

RI: Laida Tahsil : Rengali Police outpost: Laida District: Sambalpur

The Block office Rengali and police station of Laida is Katarbaga. It is divided into ??? wards. The MLA constituency is Rengali and the MP constituency is Sambalpur. The village is situated on the bank of the Bheden river, a tributary of the Mahanadi. ????small seasonal streams flow through the village, Tangar jore is the largest stream. Guchhapali, Dalpatpali, Baijapali, Rangtikra, Chanutikra, Kadammal, Bindudihi are villages associated with Laida. Other nearby places include Jharsuguda, Sambalpur, Kuchinda, Rengali, Bamra and Bagdihi. The nearest tourist place is Gudguda. It is on the route between Sambalpur and Ranchi. The population of the village is around 10000. The local wine is produced from rice and the flower of Madhuca indica. The mango and cashew nut trees spread throughout the village area.

The administrative hierarchy, from smallest to largest, is Laida (Post office, Gram panchayat), Rengali ( Block panchayat, Tahsil), Sambalpur, (district), Orissa (State), India.

The nearest airport is in Jharsuguda, Bhubaneswar, Raipur. The nearest railway station is Jharsuguda.