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laid off

vb. (en-pastlay off)

Usage examples of "laid off".

I'm not sure that kind would last through appendicitis and getting laid off.

I'm thinking of the various killings in post offices and fast-food restaurants, where workers are disgruntled for one reason or another, or have been fired or laid off.

Lower drooped the gay wings, wider they spread, brighter grew the markings as if laid off in geometrical patterns.

Sensing vast profits accompanying the convention, management had moved Heaven and Earth, calling back seasonally laid off employees, rushing to hire fillers, and even calling back some retired personnel to fill the remaining gaps.

As more workers were laid off, the marketplace shrunk smaller and smaller.

I understand your father's been laid off and your mother's cancer has come back.

Computer programmers of roughly the same level of skill, they had met on the job and had been laid off together.

By his side lay a steel cap, which he had laid off for the sake of the coolness to his crown.

The detective laid off his outer garments, made a few changes in his toilet and putting the goldsmith's declaration, with the ring and the bullet in his pocketbook, he went down to the first floor of the building, in one wing of which was the apartment occupied by the Chief.

We laid off all the afternoon in the woods talking, and me reading the books, and having a general good time.

The fact that she had been a Customer Serviceperson for a financial institution, and had worked her patient way over years to within inches of the glass ceiling before being laid off when the company was purchased and dismantled for Corporate looting -- well, that wasn't noteworthy either, given the state of California's economy.

Dozens of workers were laid off, and soon all trace of White Castle was gone.