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Lagana may refer to:

  • Lagana (bread), a Greek flatbread baked for Clean Monday
  • Tracta (dough) or lagana, an ancient pastry dough from Greek and Roman cuisine
  • Laganas, seaside resort on the Greek island of Zakynthos
  • Frankie Lagana (1985–), Australian soccer player
  • Joseph Lagana (1978–), American politician
Lagana (bread)

Lagana (, from λάγανον) is a Greek flatbread traditionally baked for Clean Monday, the first day of the Great Lent. Traditionally, it was prepared unleavened (without the yeast), but leavened lagana is nowadays more common. It is typically flat, oval-shaped, with surface decorated by impressing fingertips.

Sesame seeds are a common topping, and it may also be topped with other herbs, and seasoned with olive oil.

The name comes from a Greco-Roman pastry dough lagana, which is also the origin of the word lasagna, also known as tracta, from Ancient Greek τρακτὸς.