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LAF may refer to:

  • Lafayette, Indiana (Amtrak station), United States; Amtrak station code LAF
  • Lafayette College, a liberal arts college located in Easton, Pennsylvania
  • Lance Armstrong Foundation
  • Lean air-fuel
  • Lebanese Air Force
  • Lebanese Armed Forces
  • Leeds Art Fund
  • Linux Auditing Framework
  • Lithuanian Activist Front
  • Liquidity adjustment facility
  • Purdue University Airport, Indiana, United States; IATA airport code LAF
  • The ICAO operator designator for the Latvian Air Force, Latvia
  • Luftseilbahn Adliswil-Felsenegg, a cable car in Adliswil, Switzerland
  • LaF - an abbr. for Look and feel, a computer related term
  • LAF, a provider of free legal services to people affected by poverty, in Chicago, United States.
  • L.A.F. (song)

Usage examples of "laf".

Peter used to git so mad when I would beat his ole horse, and den all de niggers would laf at him kaise de white fokes give me some of de bettin money.

Result-a cloud of slow-moving space junk left right in the path of the attacking LAFs.