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Usage examples of "laevo".

The lover on his knees was Laevo, and the object of his theatrical devotion was Sarafia.

Terrel moved away from the stall, seeking the shadows, and after a little while Sarafia returned with Laevo in tow.

And while Terrel refused to appear on stage, he occasionally took on his old role as prompter, and also helped Laevo mark up any changes to the scripts - even suggesting a few amendments of his own.

When Terrel asked about the reasons for his dissatisfaction, Laevo told him that since Prince Jax had come to power, both the local underseers and detachments of the army were being used to monitor performances.

In the past Laevo would have ignored such injunctions with contempt, but now he could not afford to.

Terrel knew that sooner or later he would have to tell Laevo where he was going, and that this would probably mark the parting of their ways.

He shifted through the pages as Laevo began to extemporize, and eventually found the place and fed the forgetful actor his line.

In anticipation of their departure, Laevo had chosen not to involve either Terrel or Taryn in the play and so the two were left to their own devices.

Faulk and Taryn had both made considerable sacrifices for his sake, and Laevo had made a good point - he did owe them some explanation.

Now perhaps they could write a different ending to the legend, just as Laevo had wanted.

He found the landlord leaning on the counter, in conversation with the Great Laevo himself, over a mug of beer.

The action, such as it was, revolved around the Emperor Drone-on, played by Laevo himself, whose long-winded speeches invariably descended from pompous philosophizing into downright idiocy, while at the same time managing to ridicule all those around him.

The play had been very successful so far, eliciting much laughter and only a little heckling - which Laevo dealt with easily enough.

This obvious contradiction of the truth provoked even more hilarity, and Laevo had to wait until the noise died down a little before continuing.

Everyone turned to see who had spoken, then looked back at Laevo, waiting for his response.