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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Laeta was the second Empress consort of Gratian of the Western Roman Empire.

Usage examples of "laeta".

Satisfied that Laeta was mistaken or lying, he started to turn for the door.

Urgently he looked for Laeta, and smiled when she appeared with her palm out.

Syriae tractus vestantur amoeni Assuetumque choris, et laeta plebe canorum, Proterit imbellem sonipes hostilis Orontem.

He pronounced an eloquent eulogium on the noble charity of Laeta, the widow of the Emperor Gratian, who, with her mother, devoted the store of provisions obtained by their imperial revenues to succouring, at that important juncture, the starving and desponding poor: he admitted the new scarcity, consequent on the dissipation of Laeta's stores.