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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ladde \Lad"de\, (obs.) imp. of Lead, to guide.


Laddé may refer to:

  • M.H. Laddé (1866-1932), Dutch photographer and film director
  • Corrie Laddé (1915-1996), Dutch swimmer

Usage examples of "ladde".

This wydwe, of which I telle yow my tale, Syn thilke day that she was last a wyf, In pacience ladde a ful symple lyf, For litel was hir catel and hir rente.

This markys hath hir spoused with a ryng Broght for the same cause, and thanne hir sette Upon an hors, snow-whit and wel amblyng, And to his paleys, er he lenger lette, With joyful peple that hir ladde and mette Convoyed hir.

Anon thise martirs that I yow devyse, Oon Maximus, that was an officer Of the prefectes, and his corniculer, Hem hente, and whan he forth the seintes ladde, Hymself he weepe, for pitee that he hadde.

Cresus This riche Cresus whilom kyng of Lyde, Of whiche Cresus Cirus soore hym dradde, Yet was he caught amyddes al his pryde, And to be brent men to the fyr hym ladde.

It stands in Instopressible how Meynhir Mayour, our boorgomaister, thon staunch Thorsman, (our Nancy's fancy, our own Nanny's Big Billy), his hod hoisted, in best bib and tucker, with Woolington bottes over buckram babbishkis and his clouded cane and necknoose aureal, surrounded of his full cooperation with fixed baronets and meng our pueblos, restrained by chain of hands from pinchgut, hoghill, darklane, gibbetmeade and beaux and laddes and bumbellye, shall receive Dom King at broadstone barrow meet a keys of goodmorrow on to his pompey cushion.