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Lacombe, LA -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Louisiana
Population (2000): 7518
Housing Units (2000): 3119
Land area (2000): 26.716233 sq. miles (69.194724 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.826902 sq. miles (2.141667 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 27.543135 sq. miles (71.336391 sq. km)
FIPS code: 40665
Located within: Louisiana (LA), FIPS 22
Location: 30.314863 N, 89.931462 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 70445
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Lacombe, LA

Lacombe may refer to:

  • Father Albert Lacombe, Oblate missionary to the Cree and Blackfoot.
  • Bernard Lacombe (b. 1952), French football (soccer) player
  • Brigitte Lacombe (b. 1950), French photographer
  • Claire Lacombe b. 1765, Woman of the French Revolution
  • Emile Henry Lacombe (1846-1924), American judge
  • François Lacombe (b. 1948), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Georges Lacombe (painter) (1868–1916), French sculptor and painter
  • Georges Lacombe (film director) (1902-1990) French film director and writer, assisted Renė Clair, directed La Nuit est mon royaume (1951)
  • Grégory Lacombe (b. 1982), French football (soccer) player
  • Guy Lacombe (b. 1955), French football (soccer) player
  • Louis Lacombe (1818-1884), French pianist and composer
  • Michel Lacombe, Canadian comic artist
  • Normand Lacombe (b. 1964), Canadian ice hockey player
Geographic names
  • Lacombe, Alberta, a city in Canada
  • Lacombe County, a municipal district in Alberta, Canada
  • Lacombe, Louisiana, United States
  • Lacombe, Aude, a commune of the Aude département in France
  • Lacombe, a breed of domestic pig
Lacombe (provincial electoral district)

Lacombe is a former provincial electoral district that existed from 1905 to 1993.

Usage examples of "lacombe".

Especially they produced in her confessor, Father Lacombe, such a ruling admiration, reverence, and tenderness, that he was subdued into a caricature of her.

But Father Lacombe, under the combined power of his Quietistic fanaticism, poor health, bitter persecutions, and relentless imprisonment, lost the balance of his mind altogether, and died.

The big Baptiste Lacombe, that crazy boy who wants always to fight, he mocks me when I play, he snatches my violin, he goes to break him on the stove.

There was an election in the air, and neither 218 LABRADOR SMITH Lord Stratbcona visiting missionary Fatber Lacombe in Edmonton, 1909, after being tbrou,n from bis carriage in the Okanagan.

There was one woman called Claire Lacombe, who had caused a great stir demanding rights, and some Dutch woman, Etta something, had as well.

You were ordered to Paris on official business, to testify before the Tribunal against Pierre Lacombe, who was charged with participating in a royalist plot.

Sonny Lacombe and Doctor John Arksey from the Montreal chapter, as well as the Ottawa chapter to join the Outlaws.

The regular setup was at Lacombe, nearer New Orleans, where a number of anti-Castro factions had trained in guerrilla tactics until federal agents raided, grabbing a huge store of dynamite and bomb casings.

Refused, he would turn ugly, promote Lacombe to her spot, find her a lesser place.

Good police work in Lacombe Parish, and particularly here in Silence, so often came down to what he knew about the people here long before he had a crime to solve.

George Caldwell spent hours at the courthouse just a week or so before he died, studying birth records for Lacombe Parish.

Again the blonde nodded and Lacombe despatched a young Camisard to lead the blacksmith out.

Add to these the foul remnants of every popular insurrection and dictatorship, beasts of prey like Jourdain of Avignon, and Fournier the American, women like Théroigne, Rose Lacombe, and the tricoteuses of the Convention who have unsexed themselves, the amnestied bandits and other gallows birds who, for lack of a police, have a wide range, street-rollers and vagabonds, rebels against labor and discipline, the whole of that class in the center of civilization which preserves the instincts of savages, and asserts the sovereignty of the people to glut a natural appetite for license, laziness, and ferocity.