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n. A type of lace consisting of patterns darned on to net.

no to be confused with the similar-sounding Greek surname Latsis

Lācis is a Latvian surname, which has migrated to other languages as well. It may refer to:

  • Martin Latsis (1888—1938), Latvian-born Soviet politician, revolutionary and state security high officer
  • Otto Latsis (1934-2005), Soviet and Russian journalist
  • Vilis Lācis (1904-1966), popular author and Premier of Latvian SSR.

Usage examples of "lacis".

Even then, she had not aspired as high as the de Lacis, famous throughout the country for their wealth!

Methinks that you de Lacis are too often searching for potions better left alone.

He had hidden the cargo pod deep beneath the fluid dust of the Lacis Solis region.

They had asked all the questions, made guesses at the answers, mapped out their search pattern of the Lacis Solis region.

He is given a new pair of Bata tackies every year but he chops the toe out of them and ties the laces loosely so that his dry-cracked feet will fit in them even when they swell in the heat.