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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Laches \Lach"es\ (l[a^]sh"[e^]z), Lache \Lache\ (l[a^]sh), n. [OF. lachesse, fr. lache lax, indolent, F. l[^a]che, ultimately fr. L. laxus loose, lax. See Lax.] (Law) Neglect; negligence; remissness; neglect to do a thing at the proper time; especially, a delay in asserting a claim, sufficient to cause a person to lose the right to adjuducation of the claim by a court.

It ill became him to take advantage of such a laches with the eagerness of a shrewd attorney.


Lache (sometimes The Lache) is a housing estate in the city of Chester, in Cheshire, United Kingdom, with a population of around 10,000. It is located approximately southwest of the ancient city, with good local transport links en route to Saltney. The main streets are Cliveden Road, which runs through the centre of the estate, and Sycamore Drive. The area runs almost continuously into Westminster Park and Saltney.

Lache (disambiguation)

Lache is a housing estate in Chester, England.

Lache may also refer to:

  • Lache people of central Colombia
  • Wilhelm Lache, Austrian luger
  • Lache Seastrunk (born 1991), American collegiate football running back
  • Lake Lacha or Lache, in Russia
  • Lache, a basic movement in Parkour
Lache (Kinzig)

Lache (Kinzig) is a river of Hesse, Germany.

Usage examples of "lache".

Only the popping, hissing fire and the sturdy young Lache remained sharp and clear in the dusky room.

Poised between awareness and forgetfulness, Kama waited in the heart of the exclusive space bounded by Lache and the fire.

Cautiously he cracked the door, in time to see Lache slide across the pitted floor on his belly, past a man spread eagled on his back.

A tall, wide man pushed past Lache and helped the beaten man to his feet.

Obviously unchastened, Lache swaggered off to the buttery-kitchen, leaving Joshua to drag the heavy tables into place, which he did with the ease of moving chessmen.

I do not marry Lache, you will have a spinster daughter as well as fewer grandchildren to pet and spoil.

Kama asked, as much to keep Peony talking about Lache as to distract herself from her job.

Next Lache hastened in from the bar room, grabbed a pair of tongs from the wall and used them to snare the haunch of venison from the hook at the rear of the fireplace and dump it on a plank at the nearest table.

Ellie for some tea, but she remained standing beside Lache, her attention focused on whatever the farmer was saying.

At one point she bent lower, apparently to catch every golden word, and Lache wrapped his arm about her waist.

Irrepressible as ever, Lache leaned back, cupped her head in his broad hand, and bending it to his own, planted a noisy kiss on her nose.

And then the image of Lache standing in the bar room doorway, his bold, dark eyes curiously possessive, flashed through her mind.

If Lache set his mind to it, she doubted many young women would resist his wooing.

Housebreaking the lusty Lache would be a chore for an experienced woman.

If you choose the right moment, when Lache is in a receptive mood, you might make him understand what you want.