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n. (plural of lace English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: lace)

Usage examples of "laces".

The instant Simon touched them, the laces seemed to go from pure silver to quicksilver.

Fran­tically her fingers stripped laces open until she could see the wound just beneath her breast.

His clothing was half-undone, as though he were so weary he had begun pulling at laces while he climbed the stairs to his wife's room.

The silver laces and embroidered lightning were only darkly gleaming, almost tarnished.

She wants your grip, on the laces of her stays—on her comb, on the handle of her chamberpot.

Now she laces me tight in a girlish corset that grips me harder than the gown.

So the Great One reached out its laces to the Void, and said “Let there be shoes!

The laces on Slag’s rapidly descending shoe suddenly snaked out and tied themselves around the man’s arms, causing the large apprentice to totally lose his balance.

Six sets of laces untied, then stretched to perhaps three times their natural length, swatting away the apprentices’ hands when the guild members tried to control them.

Then just as rapidly the individual laces found each other and tied new knots, so that Grott, Slag, and Vermin were joined together by their footwear.

The top, with its rain-shedding fringe and laces down to her breasts, was as soft as the pants and fitted her just as lovingly.

Reno hadn’t seduced his girls with the rough edge of his tongue—he had whispered loving lies while he unfastened laces and plundered the soft heat beneath.

The sight of one of Caleb’s big hands on her breast and the other hand buried deep between rawhide laces and through a gap in her flannel top made Willow forget to breathe.

Willow was wearing only Levis and the buckskin shirt with most of its laces undone.

Smiling, he bent down and took between his teeth one of the laces that tied her camisole.