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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
lace-up shoes (=fastened with laces)
▪ He bought a pair of brown leather lace-up shoes.
▪ In her flat and comfortable lace-up shoes, she made good progress on her daily outing.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1831, originally of boots, from the verbal phrase, from lace (v.) + up (adv.).


a. Of footwear or clothing, fastening with a lace.

Usage examples of "lace-up".

Now, I do like your black leathers, and a lace-up bustier vest always makes me hot.

Greg squirrelled away his profile: leather trousers tucked into calf-high lace-up boots, last-century camouflage jacket, blind plastic band of a photon amp clinging to his face, designer stubble, small pony tail.

Finally, the narrow-gauge spur line that ran up here into the foothills of the Cascade Mountains had deposited him in a place called Timber City, and when he had stepped off the train, he had found himself smack-dab in the middle of a melee between lumberjacks in lace-up boots, khaki pants, and red-checked shirts and cowboys in chaps and Stetsons and cowhide vests.

The hardest part of his impromptu striptease was kicking free of his lace-up running shoes and yanking off the socks beneath, but he managed to do so and to make it look like part of a ceremonial dance step.

Her taffeta skirt was a rich chocolate brown color that glinted in the sunlight, and she had tiny feet in fancy lace-up boots.

Hoke wore high-topped, lace-up, doublesoled black shoes, which gave him away as a cop if his face did not.

By early afternoon, she was dressed in what must have been everything she owned: a black jacket with imitation fur around the collar and the sleeves, two outer jackets brimmed in black silk braid and imitation fur, a chintz shirt with a Michaelmas daisy pattern and three flounces, a brown linsey dress bodice with a black velvet collar and brown metal buttons down the front, a gray petticoat, a very old green Alpaca skirt, a very old ragged blue skirt with a red flounce and light twill lining, a white calico chemise, a man's white vest with buttons down the front and two outer pockets, brown ribbed stockings mended at the feet with white thread, a pair of men's lace-up boots (the right boot repaired with red thread), a black straw bonnet .

Beneath it her straight summer suit and brown lace-up oxfords looked severe.

She can put together the oddest collection of clothes - a slouch hat, a sequined vest, an oversized button-down shirt, stirrup pants, and lace-up boots - and she looks stunning.