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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Laborsome \La"bor*some\, a.

  1. Made with, or requiring, great labor, pains, or diligence. [Obs.]

  2. (Naut.) Likely or inclined to roll or pitch, as a ship in a heavy sea; having a tendency to labor.


a. (alternative form of laboursome English)

Usage examples of "laborsome".

Growing cautious, the sphere circled some distance ahead and bore down on him slowly until again sphere and cage were locked in their abstract embrace and again he had to begin the laborsome business of revolving the cage inch by inch across the resisting grass, the gouged earth: though he made certain at regular intervals that the joints were tight, he knew the aluminum latticework could not hold out against this kind of strain.

Already he sat there, shivering and sweating, with the load on his breast growing laborsome, with all his sensorial being absolutely at keenest edge.

When Monroe was alive, living was little more laborsome than drawing on bank accounts, abstract and distant.

The big swells made fighting the fish a most difficult and laborsome task.

She greeted Adam in English, but when he exercised some of his laborsome Spanish her dark face beamed with smiles that made it pleasant to behold.