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n. (plural of laborant English)

Usage examples of "laborants".

The new facility was a large compound with buildings for the various production lines, accommodations for laborants and other employees who lived on site, the head office, and the new apartment building for himself and his household.

Phillip had been teaching a group of laborants the new science when Gerry disagreed with something he said.

The laborants had been aghast and horrified that someone should disagree with him.

Then, hesitantly at first, the junior laborants had started asking questions.

He had to prepare himself for any possible question the audience might ask, and the laborants had to understand the new science well enough to ask intelligent questions.

Some of the senior laborants have voiced an interest in the process, so I was wondering if Jonathan could talk to them.

Would you be willing to talk to some of my laborants about the process?

These seminars are a teaching exercise and the laborants are encouraged to ask questions.

With the funds they promised he could employ laborants to do the dull repetitive tasks.

He well remembered the times when he had lacked sufficient to eat, and had insisted to the Grantville ladies that the laborants should eat as well as he and Frau Mittelhausen.

I'm sure your current group of laborants have family and friends who would be interested in employment in your new manufactory.

So far he hadn't had time to examine the white powder the laborants had scraped from the wash filters.