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Laa may refer to :

  • Laa an der Thaya, Lower Austria
  • Laa (Gemeinde Zettling), Styria
  • Oberlaa, Unterlaa, Erlaa (disambiguation), Laaer Berg
  • Laamaikahiki, King of Kauai
  • Laalaa people, an ethnic group in Senegal
  • Lehar language, a language spoken by the Laalaa people of Senegal
  • Lehar Region also called Laa, located in Senegal
  • Laa (TV serial)

LAA may refer to:

  • L'Artibonite in Action, a political party of Haiti
  • Lamar Municipal Airport (Colorado), via its IATA airport code and FAA location identifier
  • Libyan Airlines, via its ICAO airline designator
  • License Assisted Access
  • Local area agreement
  • Los Angeles Airways, a former helicopter airline
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a baseball team
  • Latrobe Athletic Association, a late 19th-early 20th century American football club
  • London Ashford Airport Ltd., the operator of Lydd Airport
  • Light Aircraft Association, UK based organisation for recreational flying.
  • Large Address Awareness, a memory addressing mode in x86-64 processors.
Laa (TV serial)

Laa (, ; meaning: No) is a 2014 Pakistani drama written by playwright and poet Sarmad Sehbai, and direct The serial aired Saturday evenings on Hum TV.