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init. (context astrophysics English) fifth Lagrange point, located 60-degrees behind on the orbit of the smaller object in orbit around a larger one


L5 or L-5 may refer to:

  • L5 Society, society promoting Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill's vision of space colonization
  • ISO/IEC 8859-9 (Latin-5), an 8-bit character encoding

In entertainment:

  • L5 (band), French female pop music group
  • L5 Games, video games developer published by Gravity Interactive
  • Gibson L5, electric guitar
  • " Home on Lagrange (The L5 Song)", a filk song

In science:

  • Haplogroup L5 (mtDNA), human mitochondrial DNA haplogroup
  • Lagrangian point 5 in an astronomical Solar System
  • Lp space for p=5
  • Ribosomal protein L5, a human gene
  • Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase L5, a human gene
  • the fifth lumbar vertebra of the vertebral column, in human anatomy

In transportation:

  • Stinson L-5 Sentinel, aircraft used by the United States Army Air Forces in World War II
  • Barcelona Metro line 5
  • HMS L5, a 1917 British L class submarine
  • Junkers L5, a 1920s German six-cylinder, water-cooled, inline aircraft engine
  • PRR L5, an American electric locomotive
  • SP&S Class L-5, an 1897 steam locomotives class
  • Strv L-5, a 1929 Swedish tank designed by Landsverk
  • USS L-5 (SS-44), a 1916 United States Navy L-class submarine


  • L5, the fifth lumbar vertebra
L5 (band)

L5 was a French girl group playing pop music. The group is known for their participation in the French Popstars TV programme in its first season in 2001.

L5 reached the 50th position in the list of French best-selling singles and 48th position in the list of French number-one hits of 2001 with their song " Toutes les femmes de ta vie". They toured in France with Jérémy Chatelain in 2003 and with Billy Crawford in 2006. "Make a Change", on the album Destiny by No Angels, is an English-language remake of L5's single "Reste Encore" (2003).