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n. A grade or rank in Japanese martial arts.


is a Japanese term used in modern martial arts as well as in tea ceremony, flower arranging, go, shogi, academic tests and other similar activities to designate various grades, levels or degrees of proficiency or experience. In China, kyū (級) is called "ji", and it is used for academic tests. In Korea, the term geup (급) is used (also transliterated as gup or kup). In Vietnamese martial arts, it is known as cấp (khớp).

Usage examples of "kyu".

It was only after my blue belt, the second kyu, that I learnt that the real reward of Shuto Kai was understanding my will.

Libby (his real name was Bertrand Libberhad), Mike, Kyu, and I were the only regulars.

That wasn't odd, for every face has a name just like Libby and Kyu and Mike.

Libby (his real name was Bertrand Lib­berhad), Mike, Kyu, and I were the only regulars.

And now, magically, he saw swimming before him kyu, the sphere of Tau-tau.

The sphere, kyu, swirled in coruscating patterns as Tachi tapped into koryoku to conjure the Dominion.

The sphere, kyu, spun away into ten thousand strands, which broke up into a million fragments, winking like fireflies in the room before vanishing altogether.

He was proficient in Ryu Kyu No Te, a form of the martial arts originating in Okinawa, but had hoped never to use it in earnest.

In fact, he took classes in the Okinawan form of martial art, Ryu Kyu No Te, literally "hands and feet".

The other guard, Seung Kyu, preoccupied with a wager he plans to make upon some contest, the outcome of which might now be modified by the participation of Stein.

At one plaza, where the waters of a large fountain splashed onto floating lanterns, Captal Zdenek saluted Creyn and rode off toward a dim barracks with the soldiers Billy and Seung Kyu, their night's work at an end.