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Kyre is a village in the Malvern Hills District in the county of Worcestershire, England, and is part of the civil parish of Stoke Bliss with Bockleton.

Kyre Minor and Kyre Wyard were both in the upper division of Doddingtree Hundred.

Usage examples of "kyre".

But Kyre Osric wanted nothing to do with Reith University other than his books hidden away in storage.

The chancellor put himself between Kyre and the books, holding his arms outward as a pathetic barrier.

Several rumors had circulated about him, his parents, and his house, but for the most part, Andrea had always fantasized that Kyre Osric was just a lonely rich man locked within a high tech jail.

He shouted to his empty studio apartment, provided by Kyre without much care after the crush.

From that discovery when he was twelve onward, Kyre had hunted through his family library.

She never suspected that the Rede held higher importance, but Kyre knew instinctually that its existence had gifted both families.

Osric ancestry went back earlier than the nineteenth century and Ward history was wrapped up with the Rede as well, Kyre would finally get some answers here.

Rather than a story to satisfy his curiosity, Kyre had received a hard slap.

Mom made excuses rather than finding a better way and Kyre started avoiding his parents at all cost.

The last thing she wanted was to cause trouble if Kyre really had come to see Tayna.

The room darkened then became a brilliant shade of indigo as Kyre fought, hunted for any amount of reserve strength left in his weakening body.

Intent on making a quick selection before Andrea interrupted again, Kyre laid out sprigs of sage.

Andrea had a certain magic that drew Kyre in and prevented him from acting on the most violent of his primal desires for her.

Nice to look at, but Kyre was never interested in looking, especially when Natalie was probably half his age.

Jimmy and Mick to cook up his triple BLT and fries, Kyre leaned against the counter and took in the customers.