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Kyrano is a fictional character from the television series Thunderbirds and the 2004 feature film based on it.

Kyrano is the father of Tin-Tin, and he is also the half brother of The Hood and acts as a manservant in the Tracy household, sharing domestic duties with Grandma Tracy. Kyrano is renowned for serving tea and coffee within the house and is upset when Parker tries to take this duty from him ("The Mighty Atom").

Kyrano is an old friend of Jeff Tracy and has lived all over the world, pursuing careers as a chef in Paris, gardener in England, and producing synthetic foods from plants for astronauts.

Kyrano was heir to a rubber plantation fortune in Malaysia, but was cheated out of it by The Hood. Following this, Kyrano decided to withdraw from the world of material gain and spend the rest of his life meditating. When Jeff offered him a role at the Tracy house for himself and Tin-Tin upon International Rescue's foundation, Kyrano accepted.

Kyrano's half brother, The Hood, has a hypnotic power over Kyrano, which he sometimes uses to extract information on International Rescue and its secrets. Kyrano never mentions this to anyone, and it can be presumed that Kyrano never remembers these events, as he always passes them off as mere 'dizzy spells' in their aftermath despite his otherwise unquestionable loyalty to Jeff Tracy.

A widower, Kyrano's full name is never revealed in the series and he seems happy to be referred to by his surname. In the 2004 feature film, Kyrano gained a wife, Onaha, who appears to take the role of Grandma from the original series. In the film, Kyrano appears to be his given name rather than surname and he and his family are Malaysian Indian Muslims (Mamak).

Kyrano does not appear in either of the puppet animated films nor in the new 2015 series remake. In the latter Kyrano's half-brother, and villain, The Hood, and his daughter, Tin-Tin, both appear. Tin-Tin has been renamed Tanusha 'Kayo' Kyrano, and she is fully aware of her connection to the Hood, but no reference has been made so far to Kyrano himself.