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Kyra (Charmed)

Kyra, also known by her title the Seer, is a fictional character from the American television supernatural drama Charmed, which aired on the WB Television Network (the WB) from 1998 to 2006. Charmed follows the supernatural adventures of the Charmed Ones, a trio of sisters known as the most powerful witches of all time. The character was created by executive producer Brad Kern and was portrayed by actress Charisma Carpenter. Carpenter was invited on the show after acting with Charmed cast member Holly Marie Combs on the ABC Family television film See Jane Date (2003). The actress' original contract was a guest star role that included three episodes in season seven, with media outlets reporting the possibility of Carpenter becoming a series regular.

A demon characterized by her powers of divination and precognition, she eventually forms a friendship with Leo Wyatt ( Brian Krause) and the Charmed Ones, specifically Phoebe Halliwell ( Alyssa Milano), after expressing her desire to become human. Despite being killed by the demon Zankou ( Oded Fehr) on the show, the character makes further canonical appearances in the comic book series Charmed: Season 10. Her storylines focus on her involvement with witch Prue Halliwell's new destiny, and her romantic relationship with the newly revived Benjamin Turner (the father of Cole Turner).

The Kyra character has received mixed feedback from critics, and has been defined by her sex appeal and called "overtly sexual, coy and kitteny", and "tasty". Critics have positively and negatively compared the role to Carpenter's previous performance as Cordelia Chase on the supernatural dramas Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) and Angel (1999); Demian of Television Without Pity criticized the character as a copy of Chase because of her lack of a unique identity.


Kyra may refer to:

  • Kyra, Cyprus, a village in Cyprus
  • Kyra, Russia, a rural locality (a selo) in Zabaykalsky Krai, Russia
  • Kyra River, a river in Russia and Mongolia
  • Kyra Davis, American mystery novelist
  • Kyra Kyrklund (born 1951), Finnish dressage rider and trainer
  • Kyra Sedgwick (born 1965), American actress
  • Kyra Vayne (1916-2001), Russian-born British opera singer
Fictional characters
  • Kyra (Charmed), fictional character from the TV series Charmed
  • Kyra, a former snout moth genus of the Phycitini, now synonymized with Eurhodope
  • KYRA (FM), a radio station (92.7 FM) licensed to serve Thousand Oaks, California, United States