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abbr. kiloyear


The abbreviation kyr means "thousand years".

Kyr was formerly common in some English language works, especially in geology and astronomy, for the unit of 1,000 years or millennium. The "k" is the unit prefix for kilo- or thousand with the suffix "yr" simply an abbreviation for "year".

Occasionally, the "k" is shown in upper case, as in "100 Kyr"; this is an incorrect usage. "kyr" itself is often considered incorrect, with some preferring to use "ky".

Modern, ISO 31-1 recommended usage is ka for kiloannum, which avoids the implicit English bias of "year" by using a Latin root.

Usage examples of "kyr".

Kyra had finished the last of the tales, telling in her matter-of-fact way how Idra had ridden out of the cloud of mist and moonlight, you could have heard a mouse sneeze.

Kyra saw that Alix had been joined not only by Tellie Wishrom from next door but by her other two close friends, Frittilaire Nysett and Cira Prouvet, the daughters of other men high up in the councils of the guilds.

A moment later Kyra heard the faint commotion of guests entering the hall and, at the same time, the renewed strike of hooves and clatter of iron wheels below her window: Frittilaire Nysett and Cira Prouvet.

Gilda with robes pulled on over their nightdresses, Seldes Katne, Kyra the Red, and, with smoke almost visibly coming from his ears, Bentick the Steward.

She made her departure as Seyt turned back to Kyra again and took her hand.

Kyra drew her thoughts about her again and with careful precision drew upon each coin a Limitation, exempting her and Spens from the effects of the spells of sleep that now filled the house like curling, invisible smoke.

Kyra said softly as she guided Spens along the grass verge of the path at a run.

Hestie Pinktrees looked from Kyra to Spens and back, then paused suddenly and turned to consider Spenson again.

The Sykerst mail jolted forward, nearly pitching Kyra, Spens, and their two squabbling seat mates into the welter of red coat, striped skirt, and diapers opposite them.

So by the time Tanna and Kyra had slogged the last few feet to the tent, the sentry was standing at ease, the door flap was unlaced, and Sewen was ready to hold it open for them against the wind.

I would have preferred to be with them or in the sweathouse with Kyra.

Kyra tells me, but only the Veneti and the Painted People know the parts of the songs that allow them to traverse the whale road, far out of the sight of land, yet look up into the sky by night and know where they are.

Kyra was a lovely and intelligent woman, but to fly in the face of orders would be suicidal.

Kyra had begun to bloom under the approval, to think for herself, to make judgment calls.

After a candlemark of pacing, Kyra finally dug a long branch of silvery derthenwood out other pack, as well as a tiny knife with a blade hardly bigger than a pen nib.