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Agitated by the mention of the one Kyn he would kill for nothing, Lucan walked out to the wall of security camera monitors in his bedchamber that displayed different views of the entire nightclub.

Michael had yet to tell her that even if she did find some treatment with which to reverse the process, the Kyn would summarily refuse it.

Alex might still think of herself and them as human, but the Kyn had shed their humanity a long time ago.

Such devotion was common among the Kyn, who had lived under feudal rule for seven centuries, but very rare in their modern human servants.

Lopez is now safely installed in a rehabilitation hospital, where the Kyn may watch over her.

I trust you know what I expect of you when other Kyn come to have audience with me?

Had circumstances been different, he would have greeted him directly, but that was not Kyn practice.

Keller has not made a proper transition, and that she is still as vulnerable to Kyn talent as any human.

The familiar feel of her own Kyn tranquilizer flooded through her, ending her struggles, silencing her last cry.

Whoever prevailed would be worthy to lead the Kyn, and Richard would at long last be shed of the last of his responsibilities.

Both were wounded slightly, and two Kyn guards were killed, but Faryl managed to escape by water.

When there was a problem with the Kyn or the Brethren, Richard sent Lucan to take care of it, and he did.

Faryl, and permit Alexandra a chance to try to help him, but there was more at stake than the life of a Kyn gone mad.

Kyn he had killed had been insanely dangerous, like the countess who had been deliberately trying to infect the crown heads of Europe with Kyn blood so she could become queen, or changelings like Faryl Paviere who had lost their humanity and went on rampages, killing humans until they were stopped by Lucan.

A few others had been traitors, preserving their own lives by passing information or handing over Kyn to the Brethren.