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Kyme (actress)

Kyme (born November 21, 1962) is an American film and television actress. She is mostly remembered for her portrayal of "Rachel Meadows" in the 1988 film'' School Daze''. Her television credits include guest appearances on Chicago Hope, The Parkers, Frasier, NYPD Blue and 24.

Kyme (Aeolis)

Kyme may refer to:

  • Any of several ancient Greek cities (Greek Κύμη, also spelled Kymē, Cyme, Cuma or Cumae):
    • Kyme (Italy) (Cumae, an ancient Greek colony near Naples)
    • Kyme (Aeolis)
    • Kyme (Euboea) (modern Kymi)
  • Kyme Castle, a medieval estate, in Newton Kyme, Yorkshire
  • Kyme (actress), an American TV actor
  • John Kyme (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "kyme".

Among these was Anne Ascue or Ascough, a daughter of Sir William Ascough, of Kelsey, in Lincolnshire, and sometimes known as Anne Kyme, from the name of her husband, with whom she had ceased to live.

Recorder, William Cawle or Calley, draper, and John Kyme, mercer, commoners.