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Kyma (κύμα) is a Greek word meaning wave.

Kyma may also mean:

  • Kyma (sound design language), a software environment for specifying and manipulating audio signals
  • KYMA-DT, the call letters of a television station in Yuma, Arizona USA.
  • Kyma (automobile), an English automobile
  • Kyma River, a river in Northern Russia.
Kyma (sound design language)

Kyma is a visual programming language for sound design used by musicians, researchers, and sound designers. In Kyma, a user programs a multiprocessor DSP by graphically connecting modules on the screen of a Macintosh or Windows computer.

Kyma (automobile)

The Kyma was an English automobile manufactured from 1903 to 1905. Built by the New Kyma Car Company of Peckham, it came in twin-cylinder models of three and four wheels.