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Etymology 1 n. (context archaic or dialectal English) (en-irregular pluralcow) Etymology 2

n. A Korean fundraising meeting.

Kye (video game)

Kye is a real-time puzzle game with a variety of interacting objects. It takes ideas from puzzle games like Sokoban and Boulder Dash, but the inclusion of active objects gives it a real-time component, and it can also produce arcade-game levels like those found in Pac-Man. Anyone can create new levels for the game.

Kye was created by Colin Garbutt of Towednack and first released in 1992. Starting with version 2.0, the game became charity shareware – registration required a donation to Save the Children, and the donor received the latest version and 20 additional levels in return. As time passed, roughly 500 additional levels from various developers and designers would be added to the registered package; they could also opened in the unregistered version.

The Kye is also the object controlled by the player in the game, from which the game takes its name. This was the name of Garbutt's dog, according to the help file.


KYE may refer to:

  • Kye (given name)
  • An initialism of Know Your Enemy (disambiguation)
  • KYE Systems Corp., a computer parts manufacturer
  • Kye (video game)
  • Kye, (also kai) a rich, sweet, warm chocolatey drink served in some navies
  • Kye Sones, English singer-songwriter
  • A cow (plural=kine) in Scotland or northern England.
  • Kye Buddhist Monastery, Lahaul & Spiti District, Himachal Pradesh, India.
Kye (given name)

Kye is a given name that occurs in multiple cultures and languages. For example, Kye means "rejoice" in Latin, "sea" in Hawaiian, and "narrow" or "slender" in Celtic. Kye may be a variant of the names Kai, Kay or Kyle. The name may refer to:

  • Kye Allums (born 1989), American transgender advocate
  • Kye Fleming (born 1951), American singer/songwriter
  • Kye Palmer (born 1962), American trumpet player
  • Kye Petersen (born 1990), Canadian skier
  • Kye Sones (born 1982), British musician
  • Kye Stewart (born 1985), Canadian football player

Usage examples of "kye".

He passed the road again many times, and then he would meet her in the gloaming, or of a morning in the field as she went to fetch the kye.

Kye insisted, wishing he had kept his mouth shut about Balthazar, but realizing these women were not his human helpers.

Kye sighed as he tightened his grip on Tali, who was now eyeing him with a touch of fear.

I should be scared, Tali thought as Kye practically dragged her down the street.

Kye grinned wider, exposing the tips of his growing fangs to Tali, letting his emotions seep through his skin to cover her with his desire.

This was what Kyes told his fellow members of the privy council, at least.

Not a dead system, like the relay station Kyes had discovered, the relay station that had self-destructed on him.

Kyes suspected might be safehouses on the path the Emperor takes when he returns.

And there was I cocking behind a yadvocate that liked the business as little as myself, for it was fair ruin to the pair of us - a black mark, DISAFFECTED, branded on our hurdies, like folk's names upon their kye!