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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kyd \Kyd\, p. p. of Kythe.


Kyd is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Gerald Kyd (born 1973), South African actor
  • Jesper Kyd (born 1972), acclaimed video game and film music composer
  • Michael Kyd (born 1977), English professional footballer
  • Robert Kyd (1746–1793), British botanist
  • Thomas Kyd (1558–1594), English dramatist
  • Warren Kyd (born 1939), former New Zealand politician
  • William Kyd ( fl. 1430-1453), English 15th-century pirate

Usage examples of "kyd".

Mr Kyd had contented himself with a flowered waistcoat, a plum-coloured coat and saffron stockings.

And Mr Kyd was deep in a discussion about horses with the gentleman in the Beaufort uniform.

Supper was laid for the gentlemen in the dining-room, and presently Mr Murray, Mr Kyd and Sir Christopher Lacy were seated at a board which they seemed to have no intention of leaving.

Kit Lacy and Mr Kyd will keep it up till morning, but happily they are at the other end of the house.

Mr Kyd with a merry voice and a twinkle of the eye, they might have passed as a robust pleasantry.

An old campaigner like Nicol Kyd doesna travel the roads without sundry small delicacies in his saddle-bags, for in some of these English hedge-inns a merciful man wouldna kennel his dog.

Mr Kyd in the intervals of satisfying his own appetite beamed upon his companion, hospitably happy at being able to provide such entertainment.

But do you, Mr Kyd, press the grandees of the Marches, while I prevent fools and schoolboys from over-riding the natural good sense of our Prince.

As he dressed the recollection paled, and presently he laughed at it, for the Mr Kyd who now presented himself to his memory was so honest and generous and steadfast that the other picture seemed too grotesque even for a caricature.

Then he remembered that Mr Kyd had told him of a glimpse he had had of the tutor of Chastlecote.

There could be no chance of overtaking Mr Kyd, whose correspondent was so culpably in arrears.

He himself would carry this budget, and for the others Kyd had doubtless made his own plans.

But the man had set off with Kyd early that morning for the South from a place forty miles distant.

Or was Kyd himself at hand and the journey into Wiltshire relinquished?

These misfortunes came upon you after you had supped with Kyd, and therefore you suspected his servant, for these two alone in this country-side knew who you were.