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init. thousand years ago


Kya, kya or KYA may refer to:

  • Kya Lau, chef and contestant on MasterChef Junior, season 4
  • KYA (AM), a San Francisco, California, radio station
  • KYA-FM, a San Francisco, California, radio station
  • Kya: Dark Lineage, a video game
  • Konya Airport's IATA code
  • kya, a thousand years ago
  • Kya, mother of Katara and Sokka, in Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • KYA, Christina Parie's new stage name.

Usage examples of "kya".

If Gorzhov had stolen out and met the Quran, he had met Ky and Kya as well.

Kya slipped through the elephant grass unobtrusively, testing the air with ear and nose, and moving towards a long glade in the grass that would give her a view of their ford.

She made no decisions-that was for Kyaren and the Mayor, who knew what was going on.