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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ky \Ky\, n. pl. Kine. [Scot.] See Kee, Kie, and Kine.


abbr. A thousand years n. (context dialectal and Scotland English) (cow English)


KY or Ky may refer to:

  • Kentucky, a U.S. state
  • County Kerry, a county of Ireland
  • Cayman Islands's ISO two-letter country code
    • .ky, its top-level domain
  • Kyrgyz language's ISO 639 alpha-2 code
  • Air São Tomé and Príncipe's IATA airline designator
  • K-Y Jelly, a brand of personal lubricant
  • KY postcode area, covering most of Fife and surrounding areas in Scotland, UK
  • , Swedish Qualified Vocational Education

  • Kashiyatra festival in India

Usage examples of "ky".

Wade McDade, a young hard-core flask-alkie from Ashland KY, and Doony Glynn, who's still woozy and infirm from some horrendous Workers Comp.

He told Joelle van Dyne, she of the accent and baton and brainlocking beauty, told her in the course of an increasingly revealing conversation after kind of amazingly she had approached him at a Columbus Day Major Sport function and asked him to autograph a squooshy-sided football he'd kicked a hole through in practice the deflated bladder had landed in the Marching Terriers' sousaphone player's sousaphone and had been handed over to Joelle after extrication by the lardy tubist, sweaty and dumb under the girl's Ac-taeonizingly imploring gaze asked him Orin now also suddenly damp and blank on anything attractive to say or recite asked him in an emptily resonant drawl to inscribe the punctured thing for her Own Personal Daddy, one Joe Lon van Dyne of Shiny Prize KY and she said also of the Dyne-Riney Proton Donor Reagent Corp. of nearby Boaz KY, and engaged him (O.

And on the third day Geraint set forth, and many went with him,- Gawain, the son of Gwyar, and Riogoned, the son of the king of Ireland, and Ondyaw, the son of the Duke of Burgundy, Gwilim, the son of the ruler of the Franks, Howel, the son of the Earl of Brittany, Perceval, the son of Evrawk, Gwyr, a judge in the court of Arthur, Bedwyr, son of Bedrawd, Kai, the son of Kyner, Odyar, the Frank, and Edeyrn, the son of Nudd.

The sound of airborne kyren slamming into the pillar rose in volume until the conglomeration of stone and cementlike saliva began to tremble against their backs.

The stick men and the wheel turners were the nomadic hustlers who were paid by the day and travelled the gambling circuit from Newport, Ky.