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Kware is a Local Government Area in Sokoto State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Kware on the A1 highway.

It has an area of 554 km² and a population of 133,899 at the 2006 census. It is a developed place led by a very strong, and rich politician called Hon.Usman Mohammed Balkore, in his administration he made sure he provided every one with basic amenities like water, shelter, electricity, food, schools and hospitals, he also built a big mosque and it is famous in which jumaat prayers were held, therefore he was given awards like Tafidan Kware and Sardaunan Balkore. The main place of interest there is Balkore because most of the people there find it entertaining and peaceful and it is also a place of rest. Kware also has a high number of literate people and they all show concern in developing the area but the new so called government is not showing concern to the area.

The postal code of the area is 841.