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Kwa or KWA may refer to:

  • Karegnondi Water Authority, a municipal water distributor in the Mid-Michigan and Thumb areas of the USA
  • Khmer Writers' Association, a Cambodian writers' organization

Usage examples of "kwa".

Through the simple medium of a gift from Chon Look, the Buddhist, Kwa had arranged a quick ending for the criminal career of Hugo Urvin.

The warning reached Kwa with something more than the understanding with which a woodsman listens to his dog.

Sobek whipped the pool into a geyser of bloody froth--so thick and high that Kwa completely disappeared.

First to Kwa, then up and around, clamoring that help was needed now if it ever was.

Then, with some premonition of trouble in his mind, Kwa had given her careful instructions how to reach the bungalow on the dark river, at the Memory Plantation.

But whether or not it was his own finish also, Kwa had a slipping moment of doubt.

As if he weighed no more than a ball of twine, the great cat shifted Kwa into a better carrying position.

But in those tireless shoulders under him Kwa could read some sort of a similar challenge.

And, unconsciously or consciously, this was the way that Kwa had used it.

Fire Cave of the Mu, the place where Kwa had spent so many of his days and nights.

Wami, the wife of Moa, she who had been the foster mother of Kwa and who shared with Moa the headship of the Furry Tribe.

There may have been something else that made the lion want to carry Kwa on that last wild charge of his across the Valley of the Mu.

As Kwa did so, he shrilled a call to his animal friends also to stand away.

They were telling Kwa to run--to save himself while they created this diversion.

So Kwa had already revealed to the lions and so the lions had already proven for themselves.