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kw or KW may refer to:

  • Kilowatt (kW), an International System of Units designation for power equal to one thousand watts
  • Kitchener–Waterloo, a twin municipality in Canada
  • Kuwait, ISO 3166-1 country code
    • .kw, the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Kuwait
  • K, designation for the Self-ionization of water
  • kw, the Cornish language's ISO 639 code
  • KW postcode area, Kirkwall, Orkney
  • Kenworth trucks
  • Keyword (Internet search), commonly abbreviated to KW within the search engine marketing industry
  • Kompania Węglowa, Polish coal mining company
  • Kiloword, memory size increments for computers, microcontrollers, etc.
  • Kwangwoon University, a private research university in Seoul, South Korea
  • Kw (digraph), a digraph in the Latin alphabet
  • Kamera-Werkstätten, a German camera manufacturer.

Usage examples of "kw".

In Kwest Mralwe these ancient clans had mostly married into the great houses of the merchant bankers, though there were some that held aloof, selling the wool from such ancestral lands as remained to them, going formally masked to one another's parties, and brooding on the injustices of the modern world.

Over it he'd draped a dagged surcoat of a terrifying shade of yellow—yellow that only could have come from the dye vats of Kwest Mralwe itself—and through its ripped sleeve and the parti-colored confusion of Dogbreath's ragged shirt, a bandage could be seen on his arm.