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The Kutumb Foundation is an Indian non-profit organisation, that initially began with a set of friends with a common goal - "Working towards the upliftment of the children at Khan Market basti, Delhi (India)". It has over the past few years grown into an organisation with an expanding set of volunteers and interests, focused onto its primary goal - The Khan Market Basti.

Primary activities of Kutumb include Education, theatre, music as well as health care.

Kutumb (TV series)

Kutumb was a popular daily Indian television drama telecast on Sony Entertainment Television. The show was aired on 29 October 2001 and went off air on 7 February 2003. The show had two seasons, however, the seasons plot were not inter-related at all, more like two series. However, both series revolve around principal characters of Pratham ( Hiten Tejwani) and Gauri ( Gauri Pradhan Tejwani), and their love and "Kutumb" (family).