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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kutch \Kutch\, n. (Goldbeating) The packet of vellum leaves in which the gold is first beaten into thin sheets.


Kutch \Kutch\, n. See Catechu.


n. A packet of vellum leaf in which gold is beaten into thin sheets.


n. tannin extract derived from any of several mangrove barks of Pacific areas [syn: cutch]

Kutch (disambiguation)

Kutch (also spelled as Kachch or Cutch) may also refer to:

Usage examples of "kutch".

Flinging the last of the stones at the stream, Kutch stood and dusted off his breeches.

Prickling with sweat, Kutch tried to clear his mind of all but the Craft.

Next to him, Kutch continued his muttered chant, and began to make small movements with shaking hands.

They swirled about Kutch and the stranger, then as quickly vanished, replaced by a misty luminescence that girdled man and boy.

Blood flecked Kutch and the stranger huddled behind him, proving their protective shield useless.

Reeth, and Kutch in particular, felt uncomfortable about asking to be fed.

The patrician let Kutch know where he was sleeping, closed the door and left.

Stooping, Kutch rolled up some bedclothes, then covered them with a blanket.

He bit down on the rope and Kutch pulled it tight, knotting it at the back of the tree.

For himself, Kutch took the floor, and they slept erratically for a couple of hours.

But Kutch was coming to realise that in his way the patrician was as hard to read as Caldason.

But, Kutch, by rights this wagon and team are yours, as they belonged to Grentor.

Karr introduced some of them to Reeth and Kutch, usually by name only, with few if any personal details.

Reeth and Kutch saw that apart from Ockley there were half a dozen other people in the room, facing them in a large semi-circle.

Spurred by Ockley, Reeth and Kutch began to climb the creaking treads.